Coaching Options

Integral Coaching:       Integral Coaching focuses on the whole person – Head, Heart, Body.   The focus is on developing long term excellence, the ability to self correct, and become self generating (the coach is no longer needed).   To support this, Laura works with you to understand the underlying motivations, triggers and self limitations of your world, and custom designs a program to allow you to practice new skills and ways of being in the world that can open up the possibilities for a new path, a new way of living your life.  The focus encompasses all aspects of your world so that you find the support you need no matter where you find yourself.   Integral coaching typically spans 4 months, with weekly coaching sessions that check in on the individualized program for each client.    Integral Coaching best supports people who find themselves “STUCK” – personally, professionally and/or socially – and leads to a more transformational change for the client.

Management/Leadership Coaching:  This form of coaching focuses on ‘solving the problem’ or accelerating the learning of an individual who is in a new area, new role or experiencing challenges in the workplace specific to their knowledge gaps.   Laura has 33+ years of strong management skills and background and was well known for her talent at managing teams, working with troubled employees and bringing disconnected groups of people together to solve problems.   Direct coaching on a topic of this nature can usually be accomplished in a few sessions, and focuses on teaching/education and insight into the situation by an experienced third party (Laura).   Practical, easy to apply approaches are provided as well as support for viewing challenges in a new way.

Business & Team Consulting:   With over 30 years of management and corporate experience, Laura can provide a much wider range of assessment – for intact teams,  business processes or group dynamics.    This could include assessing business processes to look for waste, simplification of work flow, study of roles/responsibilities to eliminate duplication, miscommunication or decision making dysfunction.    Laura has lead teams to make dramatic improvements in efficiency and team health many times in her career – and can provide leaders support to change what is possible for their team to achieve.