Starting Again…

The most common question I get about my coaching endeavors is what led me to this….  I have been asked am I looking for a “do over” in my career?  Am I looking to “start over”?

I don’t think there is a “do over” for any of us – we have lived the life we have lived and there is no erasing or going backward to fix, improve, update or otherwise change the past.  There is only going forward.

With all of that said, for each day we do get to “start again”, we can choose to face the day with new intention, new energy, a fresh perspective.  This does mean though that we have to look at that sunrise with eyes that are allowed to see differently, to experience the sun’s rays with new insight.

So my answer is “No”.  Coaching is not a “Do Over ” for me, not even a “Starting Over”.   I have lived a wonderful and interesting life, a life that has challenged me and taught me.  It is also a life that frustrated me and left me feeling that something is missing.   What I am choosing to do is “Start Again” with a new perspective, to walk into each encounter with a different set of expectations, to allow myself a different way of being with other people.   I want to engage with my family and friends in more meaningful and delightful ways.   I want to enter my garden with a sense of wonder at what has grown overnight rather than a sense of obligation to pull the weeds that sprouted.   I am choosing to be curious about what could be if I let go of my desire to control the outcome.

So why am I doing this?    I wish I had eloquent words to express the sense of purpose or intention I feel as I launch this website and officially claim the title of “coach”…. having not found those words, I will simply say “Today is a new day, and I get the chance to start again”.

Welcome to my new day…..shutterstock_330268337




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