Personal & Professional Coaching


“Laura has the extraordinary talent to read into not only your words, but your body language as well, to identify elements of coaching needs that I simply could not see for myself.  She works collaboratively with me to hone in on the themes of my personal and work life where I have been stuck or have experienced hiccups and gently invites me to make progress.  I find her talent not only in the conversations we have that bring new insight, but particularly in the practices she invited me to undertake that have been the catalyst for personal and professional growth.  She identified a variety of practices that were created just for me, based on our conversations, to allow me to approach elements of my personal and professional life differently.  I’ve never been exposed to this type of approach, and found it, for lack of a better way to explain, life altering.  My colleagues and close friends have commented on the changes they see in me, and I know that I owe credit for my new approaches to the relationship with Laura.  Above all, she demonstrates care and concern for her clients well-being, this is obviously what she was meant to do with her gifts”

Ashley Adams | Wells Fargo | Learning and Development Associate Manager, AVP | Enterprise Leadership and Professional Development

“Laura has a unique ability to connect with others and help them achieve their potential. These skills combined with her personal brand of high integrity leadership and years of professional experience result in a coach like no other!   Clients will see results that matter, both professionally and personally”

Jon Epstein | | NIKE Inc. | Director of Performance Management, Global Supply Chain Operations

“Laura is a tremendous personal and professional coach. She helped me to see things about myself;  my “stories”  and the world that were limiting my potential. She has a unique talent in shining a light on where I was blind and supporting me in acknowledging and embracing the blind spots and creating a path forward. I would not be the leader and person I am today without Laura’s wonderful support.

Wells Fargo Senior Vice President, Financial Services

“Laura was my external coach as I was going through some transition in my job at Intel. She was able to help me explore new perspectives and see how I was stuck in ways that were holding me and those around me back in unproductive ways.  As Laura taught me to explore new perspectives, she taught me the art of exploration in general which resulted in some extraordinary change in my life.   Laura, coached me with care and genuineness that you only find when someone is passionate about their work and about helping those around them. “
Julie Tyus Senior Account Manager | Intel Corporation

Management & Leadership


“I have had the pleasure of having Laura as my group leader for four years. I chose the word leader with purposeful intent. I have worked for directors, managers, and Vice Presidents, but I have worked for very few leaders in my 22 year career. Laura is one of a select few that I consider a true leader. She demonstrated a clear ownership for our group by creating a clear, participatory strategic plan that was refreshed quarterly through face to face meetings. She demonstrated a desire to clearly understand our challenges and invest in tools that supported not only our success but the overall success of the corporation. She provided coaching and development opportunities to strengthen our capabilities and further insure our success even in her absence. Finally, she developed an organization with a clear ownership mentality, even if the issue were not specifically ours, she encouraged us to own what we could, change what needed to be changed and influence that which needed to be influenced. These leadership activities and skills have created a team whose success will be guaranteed even in her absence. I have deeply appreciated her guidance and mentorship.”

Shawn Hill  | Qorvo Semiconductor | Texas Site Fab Planning Manager

“Laura was the best mentor and coach I’ve ever had. I worked for her for four and a half years at TriQuint, and her guidance and sage advice allowed me to develop as a manager and climb in responsibilities. I always looked forward to our weekly 1:1 coaching meetings, because I knew getting Laura’s perspective would contribute greatly to whatever idea, project plan, or business issue I was working on. Laura has tremendous breadth and depth in business, IT, and HR, and she was able to bring her expertise to bear in making both the company and people in her organization at TriQuint highly successful.”

Sandy Kemper  | Strategic Analysis Director  | TriQuint Semiconductor

Business Process Improvement 

“I asked Laura to review the front office practices to see if there was a more effective way to manage the books and a more efficient way to track, bill and pay our accounts. Laura had no familiarity with our business prior to undertaking this assignment.   In roughly four weeks, Laura streamlined the business processes, set up a more efficient book keeping system, automated the invoices, statements and check writing processes.  In addition she was able to collect on long outstanding debts and minimize the time spent on accounting.   What started as a 30 hour/week process is now completed in less than 10 hours a week, with a higher degree of accuracy and profitability. “

Mark Cattell  | Owner |  Mason-Oregon, Inc